Locked Out Of Your Home? Here’s What You Need To Do

When you got locked out of your home, panicking is not the best thing to do. Calm down, there an easier way to deal with this than to stress yourself out. Losing your keys or leaving them inside your home is a common mistake by homeowners. Sometimes, you just can’t avoid this thing to happen. Thanks to creative minds, we now have different solutions to fix your locks and tricks to get inside your home without breaking your door. If you are experiencing this right now, don’t panic! Here are a couple of things you can do.

1) Call a relative

If you got locked out of your home, ask for help. This is the first thing you need to do. If you have companions living in the same house, you can call them to inform that you can’t go inside or you lost your keys. Text your partner or your roommate so you can borrow their keys or access. For sure, they will come home and open the door for you. This solution may be a hassle for them but this is the most convenient way so you can spend less time outside your house.

2) Ask for help from a locksmith

If calling your roommate is not the best option for the reason that he/she is away, you can ask for help from a locksmith. Remember that this is not the most affordable option. You have to pay a considerable amount to open your door or fix your locks. But, this is the surest way for you to get inside your home. The average cost you are likely to spend on lockout services is $30 to $90 depending on the quality of the service. If your locksmith is a company, it will be more expensive but if he’s just an individual offering residential services, then it will be cheaper. Even in emergencies like this, you need to consider your budget before you call a locksmith. If you don’t want to spend, there are still other alternatives.

3) Check your house for unlocked doors or windows

Some homeowners are not used to closing their doors or windows. Yes, this can be an invitation to thieves, burglars, and invaders but it’s also a solution for you to get into your house. If you are stuck outside, Don’t forget to check if there are doors or windows left open. Go to your back door and see if you can access your home from it. Check the windows near your doors.

4) Make your own tools

Ever heard of lock-picking? You can actually use this to go inside your home! Improvising a tool that can do magic tricks to your locks is one solution when you got locked out of your house. Although it seems easy in movies, it’s more challenging to do it in real life. To make your own tools, get two paper clips or bobby pins. You can bend the first piece into an “L” shape and the other one into a “W” shape. You will use the L shape as the tension point while the W shape to fell and push the pins inside your lock. Sounds complicated? You can try it out using a card! Insert the card between your door and the frame. Once you feel the latch of the lock, wiggle it a little bit while pushing the door.

5) Break the doorknob

Your last option is to break your doorknob by applying pressure or force on it. If you can’t use improvised tools and you don’t mind breaking your lock, this is the easiest way you can get into your house. To do it, you can use a hard stone or metal that will serve as your hammer. Use it to strike your doorknob and try pushing your door for extra pressure. Note that this will create noise and you might wake up your neighbors.

When you have successfully opened your doors through improvised tools or by breaking your doorknob, call a locksmith (slotenmaker Almere) right away to repair or fix your door. If you don’t do it immediately, you might end up getting robbed. Also, using improvised tools and totally unlocking your door is a sign that your lock can be easily tricked. We recommend that you change your lock system after the incident.