Why Your Dog Needs A Cooling Bed

While summer can mean outdoor fun in the sun for most, it also means special consideration must be taken for those of us with dogs. Seeing your dog panting profusely from the heat can be alarming during the hot summer months. Knowing that your dog is in discomfort, or worse, in danger of overheating is a genuine concern for all dog-owners.

A dog cooling bed can help alleviate these fears by providing your dog comfort and relief from the scorching heat. A cooling bed allows you to hang out in the sun with your pooch lying comfortably beside you.

Here are three reasons why your dog needs a cooling bed:

  1. Safety

For humans, the natural response to heat during hot weather is to sweat. Dogs, on the other hand, generally do not sweat to cool-off. To cool-off, dogs may sweat a little through their pads, but panting is their primary way to stay cool.

While light panting is normal, heavy and prolonged panting is considered a warning sign for heatstroke. Heatstroke in dogs is a serious condition that can cause vomiting, brain swelling, blood clotting and even loss of consciousness. If suspected, it requires immediate medical attention. Dogs with a thick coat of fur or with breathing difficulties are especially prone to overheating.

To avoid overheating, cooling beds can help regulate your dog’s temperature and increase air circulation. Regular fabric-based beds are heat traps and can be too hot for your dog in the scorching summer heat. Depending on the type of cooling bed, these beds can keep your dog cool for hours. Reduce the risk of heatstroke in your dog by utilizing a cooling bed.

  1. Convenience

Nowadays, cooling beds for dogs are light and fold-able, making it extremely convenient for you to transport. Use it in your home, bring it with you on your road trip or take it along to your next family picnic – it can be used literally anywhere.

The three most commonly used types of cooling beds are:

  • Water-based beds → These beds are filled with cold water to keep your dog cool. You can firm or soften the bed based on the amount of water in the bed. Water-based beds can provide up to 7 hours of cooling.
  • Pressure-activated cooling pads → Based on a pressure-activated cooling gel, this bed requires no water or electricity to work. It immediately activates when your dog starts lying on top of the bed, causing the gel to absorb the dog’s body heat. Pressure-activated cooling pads provide approximately 3-4 hours of cooling.
  • Phase-changing cooling pads → Phase-changing cooling pads provide the longest cooling time of the three. It is composed of a cooling material that changes from solid to liquid. From the phase-change, heat is absorbed, which will help cool your dog. Like a pressure-activated cooling pad, phase-changing cooling pads require no water or electricity to cool.

For those without air conditioning, a cooling bed (along with a fan and plenty of water!) can be a cost-efficient way to cool-off your furry friend. The portability and low-maintenance requirements of a cooling bed makes it easy and convenient to use.

  1. Comfort

We all know what it feels like when it’s way too hot. Your clothes are soaked, there’s likely unpleasant smells and you’re just plain uncomfortable.

Just as humans get uncomfortable in the heat, dogs are no different. You’ll notice your dog would rather sleep on the hard wooden floor rather than their normal, soft-fabric bed during hot summer months. They, too, look to be comfortable during those intense heat waves.

A cooling bed acts as both a soft landing spot to lie on and a relief from the heat. There are varying types of cooling beds with numerous features, such as memory foam, high-density polyethylene, elevated beds, etc. – all providing your dog with a comfortable bed to lie on. 

The best dog cooling bed will depend on you and your dog’s needs. The bed’s durability, portability, size and cooling methods (i.e. does it require water/electricity) are all factors to consider when choosing a cooling bed. A happy, tail-waggin’ pooch is your ultimate goal.

Summer is a time for family picnics, trips to the beach and outdoor barbecues. Whatever summer activities you’re planning, be assured that your dog stays cool and comfortable while lying on their cooling bed.