New Homes versus Established Homes

One of the big things to consider when shopping for a home is whether one should go for a new home or for an existing home.  Even an existing home can be quite young and have been constructed only in recent years and can be considered fairly new.  So, the true discussion here will be about a home that is at least 5 to 10 years old versus once that has been recently constructed or is about to be finishing construction.

The benefits of a new home can be dramatic, in terms of the latest materials and construction techniques being employed.  It will also likely have the newest design in terms of style, colors, and materials.  Another big deal is that you can often make a lot of decisions around how you would like the home design, at least in terms of the materials and appliances used, if not actual layout and footprint decisions around the house and property.  This can include wiring for home theater and whole house music purposes.  It can also be the configuration of additional bedrooms or converting rooms from one purpose to another.

There’s also much to be said about having something that’s just been constructed and under full warranty.  So, if anything goes wrong, often for many years depending on the portion of the house, you are covered and don’t have to worry.  That’s a big thing when deciding on an older home is that the warranty may have already expired and soon will.  So, if anything happens to the home and needs fixing or replacing, it’s all going to be out of pocket for the homeowner.  If we’re talking about a new roof, for example, you’re talking about a major expense in the tens of thousands of dollars.  The counterpoint to all this is that older homes have history.  What this history means is that since the foundation, walls, yard, roof, and everything has been established and in place for a long time, you can get a solid idea of if the house had or is likely to have issues or not.

There’s also the charm of an established home that many people enjoy and admire.  It’s difficult to recreate that with a new home.  The “bones” that a home has, as they say, is one of the things that people look for in a home and is not offered by a new house.  Either way, the decision is yours, but one needs to make sure that stay mindful that appliances will still be required in any home and you’ll need solid advice to make decisions around buying new or replacing old ones.  The folks over at are a top choice for reviews and advice on how to obtain these appliances.